‘KLUSTERFUK’ Fan Review…With Video Games? [Video]

Apr 20 2012

Submitted for your approval: m3talh3ad1’s audio review of KLUSTERFUK, with a video of…is that Marvel Vs. Capcom? Regardless, m3talh3ad1 goes on to say that his favorite tracks are “KLUSTERFUK” and “Blur” while he didn’t really care for “D.K.N.Y.” – to each their own! He proclaims that the only thing he doesn’t like about this is that “Tech hasn’t blown up yet…he could be the next Lil’ Wayne” – awesome claim! He also classifies Tech as horrorcore and suggests “Blur” has a dub-step feel to it.

What do you think, and why do you have a sudden urge to play video games?

Click HERE to watch or scroll below.

  • Would you classify Tech N9ne as horrorcore?

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