It Started In The Midwest…’Midwest Choppers 2′ Fan-Cover [Video]

Apr 26 2012

For any fan who just recently jumped on the Strange train, you may not know that “Worldwide Choppers” is actually just an installment in an already established monster of lyrical insanity – it did indeed start in the Midwest, with “Midwest Choppers”.

The track was the first song on Misery Loves Kompany and due to overwhelming fan-fare and acclaim, Tech saw it best to do a sequel, dubbed “Midwest Choppers 2” which surfaced on Sickology 101.

Enter YoungRapCovers709 with his full cover of the sequel track. Not bad!

Click HERE to watch or scroll below.

  • What is your favorite ‘Choppers’ track – Midwest, Midwest 2, or Worldwide?

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