Putting in ‘Overtime’ [Fan Feature]

Apr 5 2012

There are always a few things that Fan Features have in common. First, and the most obvious, is the individual’s love for Tech N9ne or another Strange artist. It wouldn’t be a Fan Feature otherwise. Second, is the reason behind that love. Much of the time it’s because of the lyrics and the beats. You can’t help but vibe with it. And certainly that’s a good reason, but it’s not too often that we get another musician’s perspective on why Tech has affected them. Even more rare is a musician from another country who genuinely appreciates what Tech N9ne and Strange Music represents.

Sam, better known as Jesta in the UK, has already been featured on Tech N9ne’s blog with his “Overtime” cover. He was hesitant to cover Tech originally, but with the encouragement of his friends, he’s got quite a few covers up on his YouTube channel. There are a few reasons why his versions are different. He can sing smoothly and keep up with the pace of the rhymes, but what stands out most is that he does it all with just an acoustic guitar. Jesta, who is currently 21, states that music runs in his family, and he’s been rapping since he was only eleven years old. After a friend of his introduced him to Tech N9ne during the Everready (The Religion) era, he was hooked. At first, of course, it was because Tech’s music is so infectious, but it didn’t take long for Jesta to realize there was a lot more to the man than talent. Jesta writes:

“[Tech N9ne’s] music is a huge inspiration and comfort for me. Not just in a sense of emotions but also knowing that a rapper can do everything independently and build an empire from the profit gained. That’s a beautiful thing.”
Unquestionably, a huge reason why Tech N9ne is so respected among his fans is his quest to remain independent – to be unfiltered and real. Jesta, unlike many other artists, aspires for the same. Currently, he’s trying to get his name out there while maintaining lyrical freedom and putting his creations on YouTube for the world to see. When asked if he had a plan, his response was this:
“My main producer who has far more knowledge of the industry is helping me build a plan for how to approach the game and where I fit into it. My flow is very different from most of the UK cats, and I talk on subjects they try to avoid, so I gotta worm in there if I must. My attitude right now is ‘I’m bringing the fire, where’s the hearth?'”
Only time will tell for Jesta, but with that attitude, his skill, and hopefully a few Technicians to back him now, he just might get somewhere.
– Written by Callie Brown, Strange Music Blog Contributor