Tech N9ne = Bob Dylan?! [Random]

Apr 13 2012

What could these two artists POSSIBLY have in common?

Well, according to SeThink, the fact that they both paint their face and they both have held up signs in music videos – Tech in “Who Do I Catch” and Dylan in “Subterranean Homesick Blues“…that’s about it. …or is it?

As we are in the cusp of the KLUSTERFUK era, perhaps it is worth mentioning that both Tech and Bob Dylan had a religious turn-around in their lives – with Tech stating he took all the good from all the religions and melted them all down into the KLUSTERFUK and Bob Dylan converted from Judaism to Christianity…or something.

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  • Is this a case of somebody who noticed a similarity, or do you think he is on to something?
  • With Tech’s love and admiration for Jim Morrison, could there also be some Bob Dylan love?

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