Tech N9ne Talks New Album And Hints At Work With Kanye West And Dr. Dre [Interview]

Apr 25 2012

Tech N9ne Hints At Work With Dr. Dre And Kanye WestLeading a record-breaking tour isn’t the only thing keeping Tech N9ne busy this year. Speaking to the Times-Standard, Tech N9ne sat down for an exclusive interview and hinted at some very big news regarding his new full length album.

With the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour headed to Arcata, the Times-Standard talked to Tech N9ne about the massive tour, but it was the subject of his new album that gave way to new information.

Regarding the new album, Tech revealed that he tentatively plans to release it on his birthday, November 8, and hinted at reaching out to Dr. Dre and Kanye West for production.

Speaking on another long awaited project, Tech also gave an update on K.A.B.O.S.H.:

“We had a barrier real quick because my people were under the impression that the guys I chose were still under contract with somebody. My CEO was like: ‘Man, I don’t wanna get into doing this rock album and find out we can’t put it out.’ When I was just in Austin, Texas, the Dirty Wormz’ Smackola gave me the release papers from their last deal, so I’m like OK, we’re back on now. We were halted for a minute though, that’s what took so long. But now it’s back on.”

Still aiming to tour Europe and Canada later this year, Tech N9ne is smashing through 2012 at full steam.

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