‘He’ll Be Seeing Us Real Soon’ – Tech N9ne Talks Working With Dr. Dre

Apr 5 2012

Tech N9ne Speaks On Touring, Dr. Dre, And MoreTech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s paired the Kansas City King with some of the biggest names in music, but one West Coast legend has managed to elude the indie giant – until now.

While on the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour, Tech N9ne sat down with AllHipHop.com and explained why Dr. Dre won’t be out of reach for much longer. Looking to put together a new album, Tech revealed that he may just enlist the iconic producer for a feature:

“I ain’t never met Dr. Dre. Hell nah, I ain’t never did nothing with Dr. Dre. I’ve been wanting to work with Dr. Dre for years. I might work with him on this album; if he’d have me. Kendrick Lamar did that on his own. He’s a talented muthafu*ka! And Dre wants to be with the most talented muthafu*kas. That means that he’ll be seeing us real soon.”

Tech went on to discuss his current regiment on tour as well as his sobriety from drugs. He also spoke on touring with Snoop Dogg, working with Brotha Lynch Hung, and shared his excitement over ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader.

With his sights set on Dr. Dre, Tech N9ne already looks to be taking full advantage of his popularity in 2012.

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