VINTAGE TECH – Tech N9ne, Icy Roc, And Dyno Mack Perform In Cali – 1994 [Video]

Apr 27 2012

Tech N9ne In 1994

Long before the days of “Table And Chest Stress”, Tech N9ne was beating on his chest and unleashing chopper-like flows for live crowds just about anywhere. In this newly discovered footage from 1994, a 23 year-old Tech N9ne performs with nothing more than his voice and hands.

Joined by producer Icy Roc, one of the biggest contributors to Anghellic, and Dyno Mack, former Nuttthowze member, Tech N9ne steps into the circle and puts on an acapella performance that leaves the crowd stunned.

With his hands providing the pulse of the beat, Tech N9ne shows signs of what would become a staple of his performances during the rise of Strange Music. Take a trip back in time and watch Tech N9ne before he became the King Of Darkness we know today.

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