‘Words Can’t Explain’ – Fan Reviews ‘Kickin’ & Screamin” [Video]

May 25 2012

Krizz Kaliko Fan Review

“When I first [heard it] I was beside myself with how much depth and how much life Krizz Kaliko put into this album,” says this fan when reviewing Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin’.

If nothing else can convince you to give this landmark album, perhaps user “Big Irish Juggalo” will.

Our of all the great songs on the album, the one that hit him the hardest is “Created A Monster”, as he says:

“I don’t think I will ever hear a song that ever quite touched me as much as ‘Created A Monster’.”

To watch Big Irish Juggalo explain the significance to that song in his own life and how it brought tears streaming down his face is one of those poignant moments that lets you know what Strange Music is all about. This is a clip for anybody that’s ever been touched by a song put out by the Snake and Bat.



  • What Krizz Kaliko song has touched you the most? Why?

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