5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Kickin’ & Screamin’

May 14 2012

Krizz Kaliko - "Kickin' & Screamin'"

Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin‘ is ready to drop and like the rest of Strangeland, we can’t wait to hear what the genius cooked up for this one.

With 17 brand new tracks, Kickin’ & Screamin’ is giving us a ton of brand new music from Krizz Kaliko and with everyone ready to “Spaz”, we decided to compile our top 5 reasons we can’t wait for Kickin’ & Screamin’.

Krizz Kaliko Uses DubStep On "Kickin' & Screamin'"

5) Dubstep Genius?

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, Krizz Kaliko revealed just how heavily Dubstep had influenced much of the production on Kickin’ & Screamin‘. Following an Excision concert, Krizz Kaliko decided to integrate the popular style into his music, something fans can hear on “Hello Walls” and “Spaz”.

Never afraid to be different or give us something completely to the left, we can’t wait to hear what else Krizz Kaliko dropped into the Dubstep mixture.

"Dream Of A King"

4) “Dream Of A King”

When he stopped by our Strange Music Podcast, Krizz Kaliko dropped some info on a big collaboration from Kickin’ & Screamin‘. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, “Dream Of A King” first came about through Makzilla and gave way to something special as Prozak and ¡MAYDAY! joined Kaliko on the track as well as his wife. Already known for creating powerful music, Krizz Kaliko is no doubt going to give listeners plenty to think about.

Seven On Krizz Kaliko's 'Kickin' & Screamin'"

3) 14 Tracks Produced By Seven?!

Look, we like other producers too, but it’s hard to neglect just how important Seven is to Strange Music. As the single biggest contributor to production for the label, Seven has created some of the most memorable music over the years.

Now, Seven has teamed up with Krizz Kaliko for a whopping 14 tracks on Kickin’ & Screamin‘. Strap in kids, things are about to get awesome.

Twiztid On Krizz Kaliko's "Kickin' & Screamin'"

2) Twiztid Gets A Double Feature

We love Twiztid, we do. It’s hard not to. When these guys aren’t busy ripping apart tracks they could easily have their own sitcom. For Kickin’ & Screamin‘, Krizz Kaliko reached out to Twiztid and scooped up two separate guest features – “Dixie Cup” and “Wannabe”.

After Kaliko proclaimed that he had never heard Twiztid rap like they do on the album, we didn’t need anymore convincing.

Krizz Kaliko

1) Krizz Kaliko’s Best Work

This one might be a “duh” moment, but considering Krizz Kaliko stepped up from the beginning and declared this to be his best album yet, we’re going to go ahead and ride with him on it. That level of confidence is pretty brave these days and we don’t doubt that Kickin’ & Screamin’ is about to raise the stakes for Strange Music’s resident genius.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music (@VicMSandoval)


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