‘Tech N9ne’s Running From Me’ – Krizz Kaliko Tells The Story Behind ‘Kill Shit’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

May 18 2012

Kill Shit

“Kill Shit” has arguably one of Tech N9ne’s most impressive verses to date. Over a beat of hard-edged synthesizers and pounding kick drums, Tech N9ne displays verbal acrobatics that include quadruple-time rhyme schemes – certainly a feat that few in the world can accomplish with such clarity and ease.

Krizz Kaliko tells us about the track from Kickin’ & Screamin’ and why Tech N9ne took so long to write his verse for what would become the most downloaded song from Krizz’s landmark album.

This song really made an impression and is definitely an instance of right place at the right time. Dubstep is hot right now but also the beat would carry its own. You and Twista come in and wreck but then Tech comes in and it’s like “Whoa!” What can you tell me about this guy? People can’t understand it. It’s like he’s not a human being.

I think he did great man. I don’t think he’s a human being anyway. He’s a weirdo. So am I, and thank God he is. Thank God he’s got some kind of phenomenal ability to just come in and damage it. He taught me to do that. He showed me by his own example how to get on and slaughter people on appearances. He’s just a great mentor man. He came and flowed his ass off on there.

I laid the groundwork. What I did was the hook and I did the first verse so that everybody would bring their A game. When I gave that song to Twista, I said “Tech’s running from me man.” I gave him that song forever ago and it took forever for him to just sit down and write the song, so I told Twista “He’s running from me” and Twista said “You know why? You hear what you’re doing on there Krizz?”

Yeah man I wanted everybody to step it up. I knew I wanted them to bring it. Even with Twista, when he got it he called me and said “Whooooooo! Boy, you killed that. I didn’t even know you could rap like that!” I wanted to lay the foundation and the blueprint so everybody would know how to come on there and they knew that they had to bring their most elite rhyme skills and they both did. Tech…he’s never going to stop man, he’s not a human.

Why do you think he keeps getting better and better? It could be as obvious and simple as the fact that when you focus so much energy and attention on something that it’s just going to grow naturally.

It’s funny because I don’t even think, it seems like it’s just effortless man. He does keep getting better and better but to tell you the truth, Trav and I get on him like “Man, this guy is never writing. It seems he’s doing everything but working.”

But, the funny thing is, man when it’s time for him to turn the switch on he just goes. He might not have written anything for months and he immediately snaps back into this mode where he just reinvents himself on every song. I just try to follow in his footsteps.

Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson, Senior Blog Editor (@JeffreyPNelson)