‘It’s Never Enough For Me’ – Krizz Kaliko On Recording ‘Kickin’ & Screamin’ And Personal Success

May 10 2012

Krizz Kaliko Talks To HipHopDX

Said to be his best work yet, Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin is shaping up to be one of the biggest Strange Music releases in 2012. With the highly anticipated album ready to drop next Tuesday, Krizz Kaliko sat down with HipHopDX for an exclusive interview regarding the making of Kickin’ & Screamin‘.

Featuring an impressive line up of guests, Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin‘ finds the emcee heating up bars next to some of the best lyricists around. Speaking on the origin of his collaboration with Twista on “Kill Shit”, Krizz Kaliko shared his surprise at how the track came together:

“So after the show we did a little after party thing, and at the party me and Twista just happened to be sitting together. He said, ‘How do I get a Krizz Kaliko hook? How do I get a Krizz Kaliko verse?’ I was like, ‘What? Are you serious? You’re Twista, boy!’ I said, ‘Give me a verse, and let’s just swap out. I’ll give you a verse and hook if you give me a verse.'”

Krizz Kaliko also went to discuss the experience that inspired him to experiment with Dubstep as well as his creative relationship with Seven, who produced 14 of 16 tracks on the album. On personal success, Krizz Kaliko closed with:

“Think about Michael Jordan; insatiable. Kobe Bryant, insatiable. Think about these overachiever cats when you think about what I’m trying to do. It’s never enough for me, so I feel like the status that I have now is just the tip of the iceberg. I got a lot more of this world to travel, a lot more fans to win over, and our music is the way we grab these fans.”

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