‘Out Of This World’ – A Look At Krizz Kaliko’s Sci-Fi References On ‘Species’

May 22 2012

Krizz Kaliko's Sci-Fi References On "Species"

Like an out of body experience, Krizz Kaliko’s close encounter with an exotic beauty on “Species” is a sensual mix of seduction and sci-fi fantasy.

As one of the most popular cuts on Kickin’ & Screamin‘, “Species” even received its own visual treatment as a part of #KaliFridays. While the smooth sounds of “Species” are no doubt enticing to any earthling, it’s Krizz Kaliko’s attention to detail that really makes the track stand out.

Tapping into the science fiction realm, Krizz Kaliko dropped a few clever references to some of the biggest sci-fi flicks around. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s a quick breakdown of Kaliko’s homage to all things extraterrestrial.


Some listeners may have caught this one right away, but for everyone else, it may have slipped under the radar. Kaliko’s “Species” track shared the same name as the 1995 sci-fi horror flick about an alien female hell bent on making babies. Yeah, this one will make you re-think that one night stand.

Predator’s ‘click’

Before “Species” even begins, listeners are dropped into a jungle-like environment and a distinct clicking noise can be heard all around. As it turns out, the noise is actually the iconic sound made by the Predator from the Predator movie franchise. Where’s Arnold when you need him?

War Of The Worlds

Yes, Krizz Kaliko manages to drop an H.G. Wells reference although most will probably take it as a Tom Cruise reference. Blame the internet.

Super 8

Even JJ Abrams got a spot on “Species”. What, no love for Cloverfield?

E.T. “Phone Home”

The little alien that could. Steven Spielberg’s classic film gets a shout from Kaliko as he borrows the famous “phone home” line. E.T. may have been a family film, but there’s nothing wholesome going on in “Species”.

Predator – “What the hell are you?”

Easily one of the most memorable lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. That is until the Predator mimics him and thus makes it just that much more bad-ass. For “Species”, Krizz Kaliko and his female counter-part tone down the menacing line. Still, it makes for a great nerd-out moment.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music (@VicMSandoval)


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