‘I Already Know His Fans Are Going To Love It’ – Rittz Speaks On Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Mayday’ [Interview Recap]

May 7 2012

Rittz Speaks On Working With Krizz Kaliko

Fans first got a taste of Krizz Kaliko’s “Mayday” when it was released as an official video teaser for his upcoming album, Kickin’ & Screamin‘. Since then, the track has created an enormous buzz as news hit that both Rittz and Chamillionaire would be dropping in for the collaboration.

Rittz joined us on the Strange Music Podcast to talk about his involvement on “Mayday” and share some insight on what it was like to work with Krizz Kaliko. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed!

How did you first get involved with the album and what can you tell us about the collaboration?

Well, the song is really dope first off. I met Krizz about a year ago at True Sound Music Studios here in Atlanta. Him and Tech were in town, they were doing a session with Yelawolf. I went in and met him, just a real cool dude. He reached out to me with his record “Mayday” and put me on it. I’m really excited man, it’s my third placement on an actual album thats being sold so its a real big deal for me. I think all my fans are going to love it, and I already know his fans are going to love it, so you know it’s a big opportunity for me man. I’m excited.

Were you familiar with Krizz Kaliko’s music prior to the collaboration?

I really wasn’t that much familiar with his music prior to meeting him, but once I met him I went and did all my research. Just spent a day YouTube-ing and just listening to music man, saw how dope he was. You know, he reached out, like I said. It’s a good fit man, it’s a good match. I think me and him together on the same track is a great match and the record is dope. Can’t wait til it comes out.

Do you think you’ll be looking to work with Krizz Kaliko again?

Oh yeah, most definitely. Not only just as an artist, but Krizz was a really cool dude. I talked to him when I was on tour, the last tour I was on, I called him up. We were going back and forth through text not knowing if we had the right phone number or whatever, and my voice was actually hoarse. So he was sitting there giving me advice on what to get from Whole Foods and shit, so I’m out trying to find stuff to make my voice go back to normal. Krizz is just a cool dude period, much less a great rapper. I’m definitely gonna work more with him in the future.

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-Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music
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