‘Prozak Impresses Me Yet Again’ – Fan Reviews Prozak’s ‘Paranormal’ [Video]

May 15 2012

The praise for Prozak’s Paranormal has not let up one bit, and as YouTube‘s dtglaros will tell you, it’s for good reason.

Back at it with another Strange Music video, dtglaros decided to give fans his thoughts on Prozak’s latest release.

Packed with 18 brand new tracks, Prozak’s Paranormal gave listeners a little bit of everything and for many, it was a powerful piece of music that hit home. Dtglaros offers up a brief review of the album and goes on to admit that many of the tracks on Paranormal had personal meaning to him.

Proving once again to be more than just an average rapper, Prozak crafted a full length album that is still speaking for the unheard.

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