Prozak Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘End Of Us’ And ‘Million Miles Away’

May 8 2012

Prozak In "End Of Us"

Prozak’s Paranormal put the emcee’s reach as an artist on display as concepts like suicide, regret, war, loyalty, and change in the world were given the spotlight. Tracks like “End Of Us” and “Million Miles Away” offered listeners two completely opposite views, but ultimately delivered the same message.

Speaking to, Prozak revealed in an exclusive interview just what it was that influenced his writing on both “End Of Us” and “Million Miles Away”.

On the making of “End Of Us”, Prozak explained the impromptu session that resulted in the end product:

“The track ‘End Of Us’ came about spontaneously and furiously. I was in Flint Michigan, hanging out with some musician friends. They decided to play me this music they had written specifically with me in mind. They strapped on their guitars and geared up as the drummer lead into into it. Within the first 10 seconds I was hooked.. I glanced around the practice room to find a mic on a stand.”

Meanwhile, “Million Miles Away” may have never happened had it not been for Prozak’s insomnia:

I sometimes get plagued with insomnia and while watching the news one night I felt some inspiration to write. I put in a beat produced by Michael Seven Summers and let the ink run on my lyric pad and the title came to mind first ‘Million Miles Away’. The song would be about the one question I often ponder. If we could start all over, would mankind learn from its mistakes, or are we doomed creatures of habit?”

Just like most of Paranormal, Prozak’s inspiration drew from the harsh realities of the world and helped mold his best work to date.

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