‘I Have To Feel It’ – Stevie Stone Talks Production On ‘Rollin’ Stone’ And Playing Live Instruments [Interview Recap]

May 29 2012

Known to fans as a hard-hitting emcee with a knack for churning out some of the biggest and loudest bangers on Strange Music, Stevie Stone has quickly become a top contender as he readies for the release of Rollin’ Stone.

Something fans may not have picked up on though, is Stevie Stone’s incredible ear for music and his appreciation for live instruments. Raised in a musical setting, Stevie Stone grew up playing the piano and drums, both of which would have a long-lasting effect on his music, something that listeners will experience on his Strange Music debut.

With Rollin’ Stone set to drop, Stevie Stone dropped in on the Strange Music Podcast earlier this month for a live interview. Discussing his method for picking out the right production, Stevie Stone went on to share his background in music and live instrumentation.

In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed!

I know you’re very particular about your beats. What sound were you trying to achieve on this record?

It’s nothing that I can really tell you. It’s like, I know it when I hear it. I know it when I feel it, when I hear it and when I feel it. Like with beats, I’m very picky and particular on all of my beats. It’s gotta touch me. It’s got to be – I like a lot of 808s. Even though there’s a record on here I don’t have a lot of that. That’s what I like. Tech and Kaliko say all the time, “Without no pulse, there’s no life.” The boom clap is what moves me. That and then melody. It’s just gotta touch me within as far as the production. Doesn’t matter who’s doing the beat or none of that. If I feel it and I love it, that’s it. The music writes itself after that.

You’re known as our resident “club banger” guy. Is that something you keep in mind when you head into a project?

Definitely. When I was young, I used to play the drums. I love the drums. The drums have got to feel right. I like low ends. I got a track on the album called “808 Bendin”. That’s what I like my 808s to do on my record. It doesn’t matter if it’s a club song, a sad song, a happy song, a serious song – it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to feel it. I have to feel it. Like you take “808 Bendin” or you take “My Remedy” on the album, “My Remedy” is a more serious record and a serious topic, but the 808 and the kick in there is crazy. You can feel it. That’s where I’m at with it. I have to feel the beat.

You just mentioned playing the drums, are you still playing the piano?

Oh yeah. Anytime I see a piano, I gotta touch it or anytime I see a drum set, I’ve got to touch it and feel it. I love music and I love instruments. Out here on the road we don’t get to do it as much, but when I’m back in St. Louis, back at home, in the studio there’s pianos and organs everywhere. I definitely keep my hands moving all the time on it. Any chance that I get.

Did you have the opportunity to play anything live on this record?

On this record? No, I didn’t. I was planning on it, but I didn’t. Time didn’t permit it. I just look at it as it wasn’t meant for this album. I’ve got a couple of records that I’m doing on a more serious note. There’s a joint about my father that I did, I composed it myself. As far as the drums and piano, I’m playing both of them on there. I wrote everything. I haven’t put it out yet, so I just take it as it’s not supposed to happen yet. Maybe on my next album, ya’ll will get that record.

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Tech N9ne Presents Stevie Stone - Rollin' Stone

– Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music (@VicMSandoval)


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