Hostile Takeover 2012 – Strange Openers: Giftid Mindz In Rapid City

May 15 2012

Self-proclaimed to be a hybrid of two of the most lyrical and melodic artists in the underground, Giftid Mindz is coming up on only their second year as a group but are already making prominent headway in the South Dakota underground scene.

Giftid Mindz consists of two artists, Verbal Trikz, and his “partner in rhyme” Big Shot. Using their words as weapons, Verbal and Biggie lash out at the music industry with the words of wisdom and warning. With an interesting mix of a Tech N9ne/ICP sound, they like to call their genre of music “real life relevant” meaning they speak on their own experiences as individuals and a group in hopes to better connect with fans who can take away the true messages in their music. Sounds familiar, right Strangers?

As the opening act for the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour in Rapid City, South Dakota on Friday May 25th, 2012, Giftid Mindz expresses their excitement about being able to perform with the best in the underground scene and what they’re going to bring for their upcoming performance.

Have you played at any other venues, or have you opened for any other artists before?

We have done a lot of local shows around Rapid City. As far as opening up for big names, years before I [Verbal Trikz] met a big shot. I opened up for Tone Loc. That was actually the second time I was ever on stage. I also did a show in Pocatello, Idaho with the Mastermindz and a few other groups.

Will Tech and the Strange Music Crew be the largest emcees you’ve opened for thus far?

Yes, without question. It is without a doubt the biggest honor so far in our careers. We look up to Tech as an artist and an inspiration, and for us to be a part of a record breaking tour with an artist that we look up to — there aren’t words in our language that express how truly blessed we, as a group, feel to have this opportunity.

As an opener for the Hostile Takeover Tour, do you feel the pressure to step up your performance?

Honestly music is what we breath and bleed. I would say yes for the most part, but somehow I feel like that would insinuate that the rest of the time we only come 90%. Giftid Mindz comes 150% giving it our all at every show. This is our lives here, you feel me? Not just a hobby. But, the tension is a little higher because, like I said, we look up to Tech.

What can fans look forward to seeing from you that night?

We were only allotted a 10 minute set, but trust me, man, every minute of our set is nothing less then dope. We start it off hype as hell, then bring it down a little bit for some real life shit, then end it with a sick back-and-forth. I don’t want to give too much away but, trust me, it’s going to be dope!

What kind of expectations do you have for the Hostile Takeover tour in SD?

Tech has never done “bad” in SD, or anywhere for that matter. Giftid Mindz has been out promoting the hell out of this show. Come on man… it’s Tech N9ne! Everybody loves Tech. It’s gonna be off the hook.

As a final statement, Giftid Mindz writes:

We look up to Tech N9ne because, as he has said in the past, “For my fans, I’m inside out.” We like to believe that we share that common ground with Tech and give our fans everything that we are and let them know every aspect of our lives through our music. We would would also like to give a shout out to our marketing and merch manager, Justin Vargas, who has never stopped believing in us, and every single person who is reading this interview. If you ain’t heard of Giftid yet, trust me… you will.

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WATCH Tech N9ne big up Giftid Mindz

Strangers, you can catch Giftid Mindz at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center at Rapid City, South Dakota on May 22nd.

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Callie Brown, Strange Music Blog Contributor

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