What Music Video Should Krizz Kaliko Do Next? [Poll]

Jun 1 2012

Krizz KalikoWith the music video for “Unstable”, there’s still a good number of songs left from Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin’ that could get the video treatment.

There’s “Kali Baby” which sounds like it was destined to be shot in the California sun. In “Dumb For You” we could see Krizz going to extreme and sneaky lengths to consummate an illicit sexual affair. “Can’t Be The Only One” covers the issues of trust and faith in a relationship and could feature another Tech N9ne appearance. “Created A Monster” deserves a treatment as poignant as the song itself. “Wannabe” could be the most amped-up video of them all. Finally in “Dream Of A King” we would get a Wrekonize, Bernz AND Prozak special appearance in a song that’s as eerie as it is profound.

Popular demand could be the fire needed to get the next video made!



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  • What video did you vote for? Why?
  • What’s your idea for the video?

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