‘Krizz Is So Flexible In His Rapping’ – Fan Reviews ‘Unstable’ [Video]

Jun 13 2012

Krizz Kaliko "Unstable" Fan Review

“…Said I’m berserk, not a single person heard me…” – Krizz Kaliko

When Kaliko dropped “Unstable” on all of us while promoting Kickin’ And Screamin’, we were taken to a cold and dark place. The track is definitely one of the darkest tracks in the Strange Music library – from the disturbing intro to the insane lyrics and phat beat, Krizz gives us an all-access pass to his torment.

Enter this fan who gives us the low-down on the stellar track. He gives us a lil’ history on Krizz “Kuh-lee-ko” and Strange Music and then proclaims that Krizz “is so flexible with his raps, [and] he kills it.”

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  • Do you think “Unstable” and the rest of Kickin’ And Screamin’ was Kaliko’s best work to date?

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