¡MAYDAY! 'Badlands' Featuring Tech N9ne (Seven Remix) [Audio]

Jun 29 2012

Worlds collide on the latest remix from ¡MAYDAY!’s Strange Music debut, Take Me To Your Leader.

The ¡MAYDAY! crew takes a step back for this one as Strange Music veteran producer Seven takes to the boards and flips “Badlands” featuring Tech N9ne into a whole new atmosphere of surrealistic synths and sped-up percussion.

The result is a complete overhaul of the original that injects “Badlands” with a shot of pure adrenaline and showcases Seven’s innovative and ever-changing sound.

Click here to download ¡MAYDAY! ‘Badlands’ Featuring Tech N9ne (Seven Remix).

¡MAYDAY! Featuring Tech N9ne “Badlands” (Seven remix)

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