‘Every Night Is Strange’ ¡MAYDAY! Reveals Their Craziest Tour Moments [Interview]

Jun 15 2012

Many interviews are the same, typical questions with the same, repetitive answers.

Maybe just because it’s with ¡MAYDAY!, but this one is for the books.

Miami New Times was lucky enough to catch up with the Miami-based group while on the Hostile Takeover Tour and asked them what their most memorable moments have been so far on the road. In what can only be describes as asinine coincidences or fans who have taken too many bath salts, the stories these guys told were completely outrageous.

Gianni Cash describes his super-powers from the “performing gods”. Plex recalls his biggest (literally) fan. Wrek talks about his lady-charming ways. And perhaps the best story of them all, Bernz remembers a crying fugitive who failed miserably to escape from the cops.

… [On the Hositle Takeover Tour] anything might happen. But if a zombie tries to rush the stage, Plex is ready, “I’ll kick him in the ball sack and keep playing.

That’s what we like to call dedication.

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