‘Project:Deadman Will Be Coming Back’ – Prozak Talks With Pop Culture Madness [Interview]

Jun 13 2012

Prozak Talks "Paranormal", Touring, And Filmmaking With Pop Culture Madness

Over the years, Prozak has proven that he has no problem being the outcast as long as it means not compromising his art. With Paranormal, the Saginaw emcee once again reached out to listeners and demonstrated that not all hip hop has to sound the same.

Prozak Talks With Pop Culture MadnessIt’s that very sentiment that Prozak expressed when he spoke with Pop Culture Madness for a brand new exclusive interview. Reflecting on his career, Prozak discussed the success behind Paranormal, his spot on Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour, and his work behind the camera.

Speaking on what’s ahead, Prozak dropped a bit of info that may have Project:Deadman fans buzzing:

“In 2012, I’m dropping the new film, A Haunting on Potter Street in October, there are talks about a couple of tours, I wish I could say with who but I’m going to wait for it to come into fruition. Definitely the film, maybe a tour, and hopefully I’ll start recording the new album soon, I don’t want to wait as long as I did last time. Also, Project: Deadman will be coming back sometime in the future; plates are full right now, but the stars will align.”

Experiencing one of his most successful years to date, Prozak is making sure the ride doesn’t end anytime soon.

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