‘Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat’ – The Netwerk Reviews Prozak’s ‘Paranormal’

Jun 11 2012

Prozak - "Paranormal"

Prozak’s spot on the history-making Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour is ensuring that his latest release, Paranormal, never runs out of steam. Packed with all new music, the album has picked up yet another stellar review.

Joe Christie of The Netwerk recently dove into Paranormal and found that the album stands above other releases in hip hop. Praising Prozak’s lyrics, he wrote:

“His album seems like lyrical movies, the music is the backdrop and his lyrics are delivered so intricately that they are placed very naturally in the listeners mind. You can visually see what he’s rapping about.”

The review also went on to credit Prozak’s choice in production as well as his winning combination of hip hop/metal on tracks like “End Of Us” featuring Sid Wilson of Slipknot.

Considered his best work, Paranormal continues to leave Prozak’s mark on 2012.

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