‘Just Make Sure You Get A Copy Of This Sh*t’ – Funk Volume’s SwizZz Speaks On Stevie Stone’s ‘Raw Talk’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

Jun 5 2012

Stevie Stone’s Strange Music debut, Rollin’ Stone, is set to feature some highly-anticipated collaborations including a joint appearance from Funk Volume’s Hopsin and SwizZz on the rugged “Raw Talk”.

With Rollin’ Stone on everybody’s mind, we decided to catch up with SwizZz for a brief word on his guest appearance and what it was like to jump on Stevie Stone’s debut for the indie powerhouse.

How did this track come together?

I met Stevie in 2008 when he and Hopsin were still signed to Ruthless together. So I’ve known him for quite a minute and we’ve always wanted to do a song together. He had his upcoming project and he just asked if I could jump on it. He sent me the track, it was just raw, there wasn’t a hook on it. He just told me the concept, sent the beat over, I was feeling the beat, and I did my verse. I shot it back to him, it was really simple.

It seems like your verse is coming from a real place, is that aimed at certain individuals?

It’s not directed at anyone in particular. I just know from being out on the road and doing shows and stuff, people will put on a front to act like they like you and build up a camaraderie, then at the end of the conversation they want you to do a little drop or something for whatever they’re trying to promote. It’s not anyone in particular, it’s just the nature of the business. People just want you to plug their stuff for that exposure or whatever.

Was there a friendly competition between you and Hopsin on this track?

Nah, not at all. I honestly haven’t even heard Hop’s verse yet. I just do my thing no matter what. I mean, me and Hop, our styles are completely different. He does what he does and I do what I do. When I’m writing my verse, I’m not really thinking about being competitive, I’m just trying to do my thing on the song.

I haven’t really done a lot of collabs with artists on Stevie’s caliber except for like Hopsin. He’s one of the main projects I’m featured.

Is there anything you want Strange Music fans or Funk Volume fans to take away from this?

I just hope they appreciate my verse and see that I’m offering something different with my style and something unique. I Hope I can garner a couple of more fans. Stevie Stone is my favorite artist on Strange, personally. So I think this project is gonna be dope and all the Strange fans should definitely pick it up, burn it, whatever, listen to it. Just make sure you get a copy of this shit.

– Interview Conducted By Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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