Which Strange Lady Did It Best? [Poll]

Jun 22 2012

Fan Video Friday

Three chicks. Three different Tech N9ne songs. Three very different styles.

Simple as that.

In our first video, we’ve got an enthusiastic acapella cover of Tech’s “It’s Alive” from Anghellic.

Welcome to her “purgatory party”

Next we have a song that’s covered often, but not often enough by females. Check out this “white girl” version of Tech N9ne’s and Yelawolf’s verses from “Worldwide Choppers”.

Best part? Her rapping Yelawolf’s “Really don’t need to show any more of my c*ck” line at the 1:50 mark:

Finally, we have a girl taking it back real old school with Tech’s “Be Warned” cover from 2002’s Celcius. Don’t let The Beatles poster fool you:

You know what to do!


  • Which video did you pick and why?

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