'It's Gonna Be Explosive' – Kutt Calhoun Talks Calling My Name Tour [Strange Music Exclusive]

Jun 25 2012

Kutt Calhoun Talks Calling My Name Tour

The Calling My Name Tour marks the first-ever headlining tour from Kutt Calhoun and with years of experience and a slew of hit songs, it’s sure to be anything but ordinary. We caught up with the Kansas City Chief just as the tour kicked off to see what fans can expect when the tour hits their town and what they can do to make sure they don’t miss out.

With three full-length albums and a popular EP under his belt, Kutt Calhoun has plenty of material to pick from when it comes to putting together a live performance. While fans can expect some of their favorites on stage, Kutt plans a few surprises along the way:

They can expect stuff from Red-Headed Stepchild of course. They can expect stuff from Feature Presentation – I’m doing stuff like “J’s On My Feet” from Feature Presentation. Of course I’m gonna be doing “Bunk Rock Bitch”. I’m doing “Hard Dick And Bubblegum”, which didn’t make an album at all, but it was on the Strange Days sampler that came out right before Raw & Un-Kutt. I’m doing “Flip It Ova” from Raw & Un-Kutt. You’ll have some “Gangsta Shap” in there. I’m doing stuff from Welcome To Strangeland – I’m doing “Kocky”.

It’s gonna be real explosive. Like I said, everything is gonna be real up-tempo. Of course “Whip It” and “Calm Down”, those are part of the show. I don’t want to give it all away, but people can expect some new 816 Boyz shit from me that I’ll be doing.

Already a veteran of the road, Kutt Calhoun takes no issue with performing anywhere and everywhere, something he wants the fans to take into their own hands:

The tour is still happening. As these dates get confirmed, I will be posting it up on twitter, facebook, and my webpage. Just keep your eyes open. Keep them peeled because I will be coming to a city near you. I’m coming anywhere I can possibly come. Go to your local venues and demand me. Hit those venues up. Once they see the demand, they won’t have a choice.

Stay tuned for more info and dates on Kutt Calhoun’s Calling My Name Tour!

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