Insidious Flow Stops By And Brings A New Exclusive Track Featuring Krizz Kaliko! [Interview + Audio]

Jul 13 2012

Insidious Flow

Straight off from opening the 5/19 Casper, Wyoming show of the Hostile Takeover Tour, and rocking a brand new track with the one and only Krizz Kaliko, Insidious Flow AKA Soulja took some time to sit down with Strange Music and answer some questions.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself – your inspirations, aspirations and dreams.

My name is Insidious Flow AKA Soulja and I’m from Seattle WA. I’ve been causing havoc amongst the underground rap scene since 2003, and the last few years have been lucky enough for me to tour and really get my material to the people. Notes and I started up Base Rock Entertainment in 2011, and we’ve been lucky to have a very supportive investor!

What got you in the music game?

I was in a group back in high school, and always had the aspiration and drive to propel in the world of music, but it was only when I started doing my solo material that I started to find my voice. I see many of the weaknesses in the genres I’m involved in, so I become hungry and wanted to create my own path – which of course has larger influences like Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko.

What was it like rocking the Hostile Takeover tour?

I loved it! It was the second time myself and label mate Notes, he’s a hype man for the Tech Events, rocked an Arena with Strange. We get more impressed with their events each year. The fans are amazing!

How long have you been down with Strange Music?

I have been down with Strange as a fan since about the same time I started rapping. In 2009 I began doing shows with Strange and I’ve now rocked 12 separate events from the Midwest to the West Coast.

What are your favorite Strange Music tracks and artists?

Tech N9ne is the creator of this movement, so of course you already know that answer. Aside from him, I’ve always been very impressed with Krizz Kaliko – I feel he is a truly unique and extremely talented individual. Kaliko sets the bar real high for anyone to compete with, and when I’m feeling like I need to hear some hood shit or some slaps I put on Kutt Calhoun – whom I feel is one of the most underrated emcees on earth.

What’s your craziest tour story?

I’ll keep it PG for y’all, but when I was doing some shows with Andre Nickatina in 2010, we hit some black ice in Oregon on our way to Utah. It was late and we were going the speed limit, but the second my driver tapped the brakes we were facing the other way and spun from the fast-lane to the opposite shoulder and into a snow bank on the mountain pass.

I literally contemplated that this could be the end, and I’m using this story because we had “Gangsta Shap” bumpin’, and no one said shit because it happened so fast so all I heard during the spin was “Gangsta Shap”.

We all were okay but our ride had a four-inch rock stuck between the tire and the rim – that’s how much was on us!

What was it like working with Kaliko?

Honestly, it was a dream come true! He’s one of my top five favorite artists of all time, so being able to create something with him – that was my material – was priceless to me. I will be releasing the song I did with Kali to all Strange Music fans and it will remain available for free online, all through July, in honor of Strange Music, on any of my sites.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Bjork. I don’t know what I would do exactly, but I grew up on her and have been infatuated with her production, her style and aura in general.

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

That everyone on this planet hears me. I don’t care about the money, or I’d be in the wrong profession. I just want everyone to enjoy the music and I promise to keep creating it!

The Triple X-Files is out and available anywhere online! I got King Gordy, Kutt Calhoun and Notes on the EP.

BONUS STRANGE QUESTION – If you could indulge in cannibalism, would you?

I’m a Zombie Hunter at heart so I’m ready for the uprising! I wouldn’t be a cannibal, but I sure would love to pop a few! Haha!

Interview by Strange Music contributor Jason Ours

Click HERE for Insidious Flow – “Sleeping with the Enemy” – featuring Krizz Kaliko!

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