'Nobody Is An Angel' – ¡MAYDAY!’s Wrekonize Explains The Meaning Of 'Thrift Store Halos'

Jul 25 2012

MAYDAY!’s Wrekonize Explains Meaning Of 'Thrift Store Halos'

When it comes to ¡MAYDAY!, nothing ever happens by accident.

From the very name of the band to their Strange Music debut, Take Me To Your Leader, everything about the Miami collective comes with it multiple meanings and a significance that goes beyond what listeners hear through speakers.

With their upcoming Thrift Store Halos EP, ¡MAYDAY! once again challenges fans to listen to the messages and themes buried in the music. The title alone suggests that there is much more going on as Wrekonize recently explained during an appearance on the Strange Music Podcast:

There’s a monologue that I wrote for the song “Amnesia”. In the monologue, I say, “We set out to travel upon the backs of broken angels, adopted dreams, and thrift store halos.” It ended up just being relative to that track, but when we talked about doing an EP, it felt cool because we were digging up songs that were intended for Take Me To Your Leader, but we wanted to use them for this new EP.

It felt like digging up some hot new shit outta the thrift store. In the song, the whole meaning of Thrift Store Halos just felt cool in itself. Nobody is an angel, we’re all reborn, we’re all fucking up. Everybody’s got their own skeletons in the closet and you basically have to throw on a used halo at one point or another to reset the clock on yourself. I like that as a whole. It has kind of a double meaning. We felt like it matched.


¡MAYDAY! - Thrift Store Halos

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