‘It’s Going To Be A Great Look’ – Rittz Speaks On Stevie Stone’s ‘Dollar General’ Music Video

Jul 10 2012

Rittz Speaks On Cameo Appearance In "Dollar General"

As a result of the immense popularity behind “Dollar General” from Rollin’ Stone, Stevie Stone appeased fans by recently shooting a music video to the heist-inspired track produced by WillPower.

The Yelawolf assisted cut from Stevie Stone’s Strange Music debut featured the emcee stepping into the shoes of a trained criminal with only money on his mind. Originally inspired by the film Street Thief, “Dollar General” was an obvious choice for the next music video from Stevie Stone.

With the shoot taking place in Atlanta, Slumerican’s Rittz was on hand to land a cameo appearance in the music video. When we caught up with Rittz on the Strange Music Podcast recently, we decided to ask about his appearance and how he feels about Stevie Stone’s music.

You were spotted in Atlanta recently with Stevie Stone. What was going on?

He was doing a video for the “Dollar General” record that he’s got with Yelawolf and got me a little cameo in the video. It was actually after the show they put on in Atlanta, so I was slightly hammered when I went to the video shoot. I was supposed to be like driving a car or something, but I’m sitting in it like chillin’. I was a little too intoxicated to be taking those risks at that hour, but yeah Stevie Stone’s the shit. We got to kick it last night. I met him in Atlanta for the first time.

Actually, the “Dollar General” record was something that I had worked on with Yelawolf before and then when I found out Stevie Stone had done the record I heard it I was like, “This is dope.” So the fact that I was able to get in the video, get a little cameo in there was crazy. It’s going to be a great look. It was a fun night. Shout out to Signal Point, they shot the video and they did “Sleep At Night”,“Die”, and “Walking On Air” for me. Really talented dudes.

“Sleep At Night” by Signal Point Studios

Can you reveal anything about the video from what you saw?

Yeah, you know what, I really didn’t get to see what was going on. I asked him last night how it was going and he was like, “Man, dawg, it’s amazing.” So, I’m excited to see it myself. I know I’m sitting in the car, that’s about all I know. Yeah, but it’s going to be a really dope video. Like I said, Signal Point does a good job every time and the song itself is just crazy. The little behind the scenes stuff I did see, looked like it’s gonna be really dope.

Stevie Stone has already worked with Yelawolf. Can we expect to see you and Stevie Stone work together as well?

I’m definitely open to work with Stevie Stone. I think he’s dope, of course. I’m down to work with anybody over there, at Strange. I got to meet ¡MAYDAY! and Prozak, so I’m hoping to get some records with all those guys real soon. They’re just cool people, good people. It’s good to be around cool people making good music.

WillPower was on the podcast recently and he talked about how Stevie Stone reminded him of DMX and how he liked his sincerity.

Yeah, like his voice is crazy. His voice is just extra noticeable and extra dope on a track. I’m really feelin’ Stevie Stone right now, he’s really dope.


-Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Blog Editor Strange Music


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