‘Caught Me Totally Off Guard’ – Stevie Stone Remembers Receiving His Strange Music Chain

Jul 10 2012

Stone On Receiving His Strange Music Chain

When Stevie Stone arrived at Strange Music, he had all the experience of a veteran. That’s because prior to his signing, Stevie Stone had already lived through a record deal and had toured the country on Tech N9ne’s K.O.D. Tour. So when the Midwest native finally inked with the independent powerhouse, he hit the ground running.

In an exclusive interview with UndaStream.com, Stevie Stone discussed his past experience with record labels and recalled the day he officially received his Strange Music chain from Tech N9ne himself:

“Himmi, I was actually there to drop a verse for Tech’s All 6’s and 7’s album. I got on the joint called ‘Over Time’ so I was there to do that. He just had me come to the compound and Tech was like ‘We about to do an interview real quick and I just want you in there just to plant the seed.’ So I was in there thinking I was in there for something else and he caught me totally off guard! I knew I was signing to Strange but I didn’t know that was happening right there.”

The Snake and Bat charm signified a new chapter for Stevie Stone which would give way to the recent release of his Strange Music debut, Rollin’ Stone.

Snake, bat, diamonds!

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