Is That ‘Mannibalector’?! – Brotha Lynch Hung Previews New Music Straight From The Studio

Jul 27 2012

Brotha Lynch Hung Gives Updates On "Mannibalector"

Brotha Lynch Hung may just given fans the very first preview of Mannibalector.

In two brand new updates via Socialcam, Brotha Lynch Hung dishes on the progress of the Coathanga Strangla follow-up and even plays a select cut from the studio.

In the very first video, Lynch confirms that he is awaiting just one more beat from producer Seven in order to wrap up the album. He also reveals he will be headed to Kansas City to record while Tech N9ne records material of his own.

For update number two, Lynch took viewers straight to the studio where brand new music can heard playing in the background. Are these the very first sounds of the brand new Mannibalector album?

See for yourself!

Brotha Lynch Hung On Mannibalector’s Progress

Brotha Lynch Hung In The Studio

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  • Do you think that was Mannibalector playing in the background?

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