Kutt Calhoun Says Next Album Will 'Blow Everybody's Top' [Strange Music Exclusive Interview]

Jul 16 2012

As 2012 lined up to be one of the most successful years for Strange Music, fans sensed a noticeable silence from Kutt Calhoun. With only a few guest appearances on Strange Music albums, Kutt Calhoun was mostly absent as he geared up for his first-ever solo tour.

All that’s about to change though as the Kansas City Chief is refocusing his efforts on brand new music, something he says is about to change everything listeners expect from him.

Although fans have been eager for more Kutt this year, they haven’t gone without impressive verses from the emcee. His memorable spot on Krizz Kaliko’s “Abu Dhabi” was enough to remind fans why Kutt is so clever on the mic:

On “Abu Dhabi”, I had a big response on that from my verse. Everybody likes, “You must be from Ireland because every time I see you, my penis is Dublin” (laughs). I got a lot of hits from that when Kaliko first released it. Tech called me like, “Nigga, everybody saying you killed it. You had the best verse.” I appreciate that because everybody goes in the booth to do their best and its friendly competition when we all get together. So, when people say that I had the best verse or that I killed it, I appreciate that. It doesn’t go to my head, but it keeps me in the right direction. It lets me know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

While the love he received on “Abu Dhabi” was appreciated, Kutt Calhoun is more interested in what the future holds for him and his music. A new EP and full-length album will be the pillars of what he considers to be a bigger and better platform for his solo career:

Regardless of what a lot of people have to say, I appreciate the opinions. I wouldn’t be MVP two years in a row if I was doing something wrong or wasn’t deserving of the accolades I’m getting from the fans. It’s not just the fans, the people that are my co-workers and label mates. Everybody sees that. It’s nothing hidden in the dark. It’s recognized and it’s respected, it’s right there in your face in black and white. I’m going to keep pushing and keep doing my thing.

I’m in the midst of doing music right now. I got mixtapes in the making and I’ll be doing another studio album here soon. I’ll be getting these mixtapes out of the way and EP, then I’m going to focus on another studio album that’s going to blow everybody’s top. I strive to get better and better. If people thought Raw And Un-Kutt was my best shit or a lot of people thought Feature Presentation was a classic, I’m going to keep getting better and better. There’s more to come. Kutt Calhoun ain’t about to die down anytime soon.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Blog Editor Strange Music

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