'If I Could'…Ride A BMX Bike [Video]

Jul 25 2012

The beauty of not just Tech’s, but all of Strange Music’s library is not everything is always black and white – not every song has only one meaning – it’s that kind of versatility that keeps Strange Music “light-years ahead of [their] peers.”

Case in point, “If I Could” off of Tech’s All 6’s And 7’ssure the lyrics suggest Tech talking about touring and living the musician’s life, but one could apply the chorus to anything….such as BMX riding: “If I could… just make this jump” or “If I could… just grind this rail.”

See? Versatility!

Check out Daniel De La Riva’s ridings and falls set to “If I Could”.

Click HERE to watch or watch above.

Tech N9ne - 'If I Could' Fan Video

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