CES Cru Reveals New Album Title And Discusses Chemistry With Strange Music

Aug 31 2012

CES Cru Reveals New Album Title

The release of their Strange Music debut EP, 13, is just the beginning for CES Cru as the Kansas City duo has high hopes for what the future holds with the Snake and Bat.

Ubiquitous and Godemis of CES Cru recently sat down with HipHopDX.com‘s The Company Man for an exclusive interview regarding their new release, their future plans, and what it’s like to roll with the #1 independent hip hop label in the world.

Among the hot topics at hand was the upcoming release of CES Cru’s full-length album with Strange Music:

Godemis: We are in the very very early stages of making this [the LP]. We’re just getting beat submissions and doing some writing. I’ve been writing like a madman. The title is going to be Constant Energy Struggle. Blaow! That’s my first time saying that. The title is going to be Constant Energy Struggle and all that that implies. I think in that way, the album is going to be more well rounded. I think we’re going to try to take the opportunity to open up a little bit, if you will, and let the fans know exactly how we feel and exactly what’s been going on. I know that may not sound so cool sometimes, but we’re also gonna talk about all the cool shit that’s been happening to us. It’s going to be a well rounded album in that way. There will be a lot more substance than there is on 13.

Already considered to be some of the best lyricists on Strange Music, CES Cru looks to up the ante with their next release. For now, listeners can enjoy the duo rampage through bars on 13.

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