‘Lyrical Mastery’ – The Dharma Of Dope Reviews ¡MAYDAY!’s ‘Thrift Store Halos’

Aug 10 2012

It’s hard to ignore the impact ¡MAYDAY! has had in 2012. Racking up an impressive amount of stellar reviews for Take Me To Your Leader, the Miami outfit keeps it moving with their latest EP, Thrift Store Halos.

Set somewhere between dreams and harsh realities, the EP serves up some heavy introspective themes. It’s that very writing that has thedharmaofdope.com praising the brand new release:

While ‘The Hangover’ ends the EP on a slightly somber note, it’s still damn near impossible not to be left electrified by the skill and confidence displayed time and time again on Thrift Store Halos. The instrumentals are tight, the lyrics are consistently dope and introspective without becoming self-indulgent, and Wrekonize’s double time flow is as pleasing to the ear as ever.

The review also goes on to credit ¡MAYDAY! with consistently quality music, which sometimes gets lost in the digital age. The acclaim keeps on coming for ¡MAYDAY! as they prove that even EPs can make waves throughout the industry.

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 ¡MAYDAY!  - "Thrift Store Halos"

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