'Miami Rap's Future' – ¡MAYDAY! On '50 Best Miami Bands Of All Time'

Aug 30 2012

¡MAYDAY! On 50 Best Miami Bands Of All Time

There’s no shortage of good music in Miami and that’s why it must have been a little difficult to narrow down a list of the 50 Best Miami Bands Of All Time. That’s exactly what the Miami New Times Blogs set out to do though as they ran down the top selections from the Magic City.

From hip hop to hardcore to Latin rhythms, nearly every aspect of the Miami scene was represented on the list including Strange Music’s ¡MAYDAY! as the crew picked up the #27 spot with some heavy hometown praise:

They’ve collabed with Lil Wayne. They’ve scored a stellar deal with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music. They’ve treked across the continent on two consecutive three-month tours. They’ve stormed the Billboard charts. And they’ve recently released Take Me To Your Leader, a slab so sick that it’s sucked in hipster hoppers, street heads, and soda-stained ICP fans. From the Gathering of the Juggalos to YouTube and MTV, ¡Mayday! just might be Miami rap’s future.

From Miami to Strangeland, ¡MAYDAY! continues to prove that good music will always reach the masses.

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