'Sh*t Is Getting Crazy Right Now' – ¡MAYDAY!'s Bernz On 'Thrift Store Halos', New Tour, Solo Albums, And Short Film

Aug 7 2012

¡MAYDAY!'s Bernz Talks "Thrift Store Halos", New Tour, And Short Film

If Take Me To Your Leader was the jump-off to ¡MAYDAY!’s era in Strangeland, then Thrift Store Halos is the bridge that will lead to much bigger things for the Miami collective.

Speaking to MTV Tr3s in an exclusive interview, ¡MAYDAY!’s Bernz discussed the brand new Thrift Store Halos EP and broke down what the symbolic title meant to him:

“Because of the collection of the songs, it was the stuff left at the thrift store. All the bigger songs went to Take Me To Your Leader, and the bigger product went out, but then when you go to these thrift stores, they were just left there for second hand. But sometimes you go there and you check out stuff that people have discarded or that you leave, and they end up having a new life”

Despite Thrift Store Halos only being hours into its release, Bernz is already looking ahead and promising big things for the loyal ¡MAYDAY! army:

“We’re planning another big tour for October and we’re just working on new stuff. You can probably expect to hear some solo projects from some of the guys in the group like me and Wrek, and also the producers. I’m also working on a short film for ¡MAYDAY! , it’s kinda biographical, and it’s kinda charting our direction and where we’ve been and what we stand for.”

Catch your breath because when ¡MAYDAY! kicks into high gear, there’s no stopping.

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¡MAYDAY! - "Thrift Store Halos"

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