POLL: Favorite Track On ¡MAYDAY!’s ‘Thrift Store Halos’?

Aug 9 2012

With seven tracks locked and loaded, ¡MAYDAY! fired back this year with their brand new EP, Thrift Store Halos.

Made up of brand new recordings and previously unreleased tracks meant for Take Me To Your Leader, Thrift Store Halos was a mix of gems that offer up the best traits in ¡MAYDAY!’s music.

Tracks like “Letter To The Lost” are an example of ¡MAYDAY!’s writing taking inspiration from those around them and translating reality to the booth. On “Strange March”, the ¡MAYDAY! crew give the Snake and Bat an anthem as they recruit CES Cru and Brotha Lynch Hung for battle.

From the optimistic to those seeking redemption, ¡MAYDAY!’s Thrift Store Halos gives refuge to saints and sinners. As the EP makes its rounds, we ask you to make your voice heard and vote for your favorite track!



  • Which track did you vote for?

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