T-Nutty Records Lynch Diss: ‘Lynch Iz Hung’ [Song]

Nov 7 2010

Earlier last week T-Nutty released a diss track aimed towards C-Lim and Brotha Lynch Hung. The song, called “Lynch Iz Hung” has been causing a stir on the web as to why T-Nutty (who had visited the Strange Music headquarters with Snoop Dogg only months ago and is featured on “Fan Or Foe” from Misery Loves Kompany as well as “Check Yo Temperature” from K.O.D.) decided to diss his fellow Sacramento MC and Strange affiliate. Lynch recently tweeted in response to inquiry:

he just wants to battle, nuttin more then that”

He also tweeted earlier:

“The Nigga I’m goin to rap war wit is one of my favorite rappers but I have to show him he don’t want it wit the Coathanga

The song itself is relatively safe, nothing on par with a “Dollaz And Sense” or “Hit Em Up” in terms of viciousness or personal vengeance. On this note Lynch added that he doesn’t feel that he has been hit hard enough to provoke a response. Stay tuned for an exclusive Strange Music Blog interview with Lynch as he addresses the “beef” as well as his upcoming album Coathanga Strangla. Click here or listen below to hear “Lynch Iz Hung”.