WATCH: Kutt Calhoun – The Making Of ‘Kelvin’ (Part 2 Of 2)

Sep 11 2012

Kutt Calhoun - The Making Of Kelvin Part 2

A bottle of tequila can step up anyone’s swag and that’s what Kutt Calhoun is after in this brand new behind the scenes look at the making of the Kelvin EP.

In part two of the series, cameras step into the booth with Kutt as he lays down vocals and works side by side with producer Seven as they begin the process of picking out tracks for the EP.

Between unexpected phone calls and some exclusive new music, this clip is a great look at how Kutt Calhoun and Seven are raising the bar on Kelvin. Grab a glass, sit back, and watch one of Strange Music’s finest go to work.



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