'Some Of Kutt's Best Material Thus Far' – Seven On Kutt Calhoun's 'Kelvin' EP

Sep 14 2012

Seven On Kutt Calhoun's "Kelvin"

Put Kutt Calhoun and Seven in the lab together and watch the hits stack up.

As the sole producer behind Kutt Calhoun’s Kelvin EP, Seven looks to continue his streak with Strange Music and in the process step up Kutt’s game on tracks like “I’m Already Kreased”.

With the EP due out on 10/2, Seven recently took to his Tumblr page to drop a few words about Kutt’s latest project, praising it as some of Kutt’s best:

Kutt and I are finished with the new EP… We really wanted to try and make this EP the best it could possibly be so every song feels like it should have been saved for the album! I really think it’s some of Kutt’s best material thus far. I did all of the production on this one so we could try and capture a specific sound.

Brief, but incredibly promising.


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