Feast your ION DAT! – Top 10 Screenshots From CES Cru’s ‘ION DAT’ Music Video

Oct 12 2012

Last week CES CRU unleashed the visuals for “ION DAT”, a certified banger from their album The Playground, and the first video in their throwback video series.

A collab with MarmoFilms & Sikenomics, this video has A LOT going on, so we decided to take a closer look at the video by snagging 10 of the dopest still frames we could find.

Peep these!

CES Cru "ION DAT" Music Video

If I’m bein’ honest right now, that mask creeps me the hell out, but it makes for a dope shot!

"ION DAT" - CES Cru“My CRU in the streets thru word of mouth!”

Ubiquitous In "ION DAT"

The CESolutionary War

CES Cru - "Ion Dat"

Godi’s trademark beaver-hat-thing. Who knows this thing could be like MF DOOM’s mask someday.

Godemis In "ION DAT"

Godemis In "ION DAT" Music Video

You got that Chrondoleezza Rice? That Chronsby, Stills, & Nash? That Chronald McDonald? Blaze up!

Ubiquitous In CES Cru's "ION DAT"

“I smoke a little weed, you drink to own his each”


I know y’all can appreciate this one. That should just be a part of their official logo now.

Godemis - "ION DAT"

Godemis rollin’ deep with some fine mech-warrior type ladies!

"ION DAT" Music Video

I like to think he’s looking at the picture 2 up from this.

  • What did you think of the screen shots?

  • Did you capture your own?

Send them to fans@strangemusicinc.com and maybe we’ll do a round 2!

Grab your copy of The Playground HERE