LISTEN: Jelly Roll ‘Bad Man’s World Remix’ Featuring Rittz And Shawty Fatt [Audio]

Oct 26 2012

Jelly Roll "Bad Man's World Remix" Featuring Rittz And Shawty Fatt

Give it up for the bad guys.

Nashville spitter Jelly Roll relies on a noir-inspired production and hook to bring out the dark in the world for a bonus collab from his recently-released album, The Big Sal Story.

Between the neighborhood dope game and terrorism, it’s pretty rough out there as Jelly Roll enlists Strange Music’s Rittz and Slumerican’s Shawty Fatt for a bleak, but sincere take on their surroundings.

Paired with a little bit of blues flavor, “Bad Man’s World Remix” is rotten to the core in the very best way possible.

Click here to listen and download.

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