'It's As Good As It Gets As Far As Tech N9ne Shows' – Ubiquitous Of CES Cru Discusses Upcoming Performance In Lawrence, KS [Interview]

Oct 9 2012

Before shattering records on national tours and going overseas for international performances, Tech N9ne groomed his powerful on-stage persona in his backyard – the Midwest.

Now as he makes his return to the region that made him a star before MTV and BET, he is joined by labelmates Stevie Stone and CES Cru for a very special performance on October 10 in Lawrence, KS.

Ubiquitous Of CES CruThe Granada Theater will house this explosive night of Strange Music performances and although it won’t be the first time such an event has packed the venue, Ubiquitous of CES Cru insists that this time around, fans will get an experience like never before.

We recently spoke with one-half of Strange Music’s lyrical duo for a better understanding of what fans in Lawrence can expect from Tech N9ne’s show.

As is always the case with Strange Music, it might just be easier to expect the unexpected.

What is so special about performing in Lawrence?

It’s the closest thing to a Tech N9ne show in Kansas City that you can get. It’s got that hometown feel to it, just once removed. The performance is personal – the crowd is trained, if you will. They know what’s coming and they know what to do. It’s a college town so you’ve got the KU kids there doing their Jayhawk thing. It’s wild every time.

It’s basically 100% a Tech show, meaning that it’s as good as it gets as far as a Tech N9ne shows. It’s a slam dunk.

The Granada Theater

I’ve never been to the Granada, what is that like?

It’s a good spot. I would almost say that Tech has gotten so big in the last two years that he might have outgrown it, no disrespect to them, but he’s just becoming a giant entity. It’s a great venue, you know. There’s a big stage with a nice pit where the audience is at. It’s fully equipped to handle what Tech brings. There’s no question that it will sell out.

It’s a nice spot. I’ve played it a handful of times myself. I’ve opened for Tech there before. It’s just a nice big stage that can totally handle the set up as far as the visuals and all of the stage props that Tech brings with him. You get the full experience.

For fans of CES Cru, what they can expect? Will they hear 13?

You’re gonna hear 13. You’re gonna hear a lot of things off 13. You’ll hear some things that we haven’t even performed live yet. You’re gonna hear “Klick Clack Bang”, that’s for sure. I know we got a huge response from our fans with the live performance video from Strange Music HQ. We’re gonna go ahead and unveil that in Lawrence, it’ll be the first time. We’re gonna do a bunch of other cuts from 13 as well. A few things from the old catalog, but it’s going to be our first showcase of 13 where the fans have had a chance to get familiar with the material beforehand.

We did do a couple of things from 13 at the Grinder’s show in KC, but the music wasn’t out yet. Now, for everyone who is familiar with the record, they’ll have their first chance to basically sing along with us and vibe out to it. We’re doing, maybe about half the record.


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