10 Things We Learned From Watching 'Strange $' And 'Bottle Service' [Editorial]

Oct 15 2012

10 Things We Learned From Watching 'Strange $' And 'Bottle Service' [Editorial]

With the release of Kelvin set to thrust Kutt Calhoun back into the Strange Music spotlight, the Kansas City Chief dropped off two singles accompanied by what were arguably two of the best music videos to come from the Snake and Bat – “Bottle Service” and “Strange $”.

Packed with polished visuals that made Kutt Calhoun larger than life, these two music videos had us clicking the replay button over and over.

With all of Strangeland still watching – the views are stacked up to a combined 124K, we took in a few more views of both videos and pulled ten things we learned from them.

This may not be very educational, but it was sure as hell fun.

Just make it clap

Kutt Calhoun - "Strange $"

Clapping in general is a pretty mundane activity, and sometimes an annoying one – I’m looking at you people that clap after a movie. What the hell are you clapping for?!

Anyway, in “Strange $”, Kutt grabs a stack and goes to town. Turns out that if you add cash to just about anything, it instantly becomes better.

We can’t afford this kind of clapping though. Maybe a $5 clap will do.

When rocked right, fedoras are dope

Kutt Calhoun - "Bottle Service"

Kutt Calhoun steps his game up in “Bottle Service” with some nice threads, but that fedora – that’s where it’s really at.

Dress code isn’t strict when you have bottle service

Kutt Calhoun - "Bottle Service"

This club must be pretty lenient on their dress code policy as Kutt gets away with rockin’ the ‘ol undershirt.

Damn, we can’t even get in with a polo on.

More is more

Kutt Calhoun - "Strange $"

Snake, Bat, diamonds x 3. There’s like three houses around his neck.

Expensive rides don’t have to move to be badass

Kutt Calhoun - "Strange $"

We don’t ever get to see these cars in motion during “Strange $”, but does that really matter?

When you have ridiculously expensive cars like this, just looking at them is good enough.

Kutt has more friends than we do

Kutt Calhoun - "Bottle Service"

We couldn’t get these many people gathered if we tried. Makes for sad birthdays.

Women + cars = still sexy

Kutt Calhoun - "Strange $"

We have Tawny Kitaen to thank for this still very sexy trend. Google her kids, we’ll wait.

Sponsorship opportunities

Kutt Calhoun - "Bottle Service"

Yo Cîroc, you like that placement?

Kutt Calhoun - "Bottle Service"

Might as well get Patron on the line too.

Put your money in the butt

Kutt Calhoun - "Strange $"

Wallets be damned, Kutt just saved us a lot of trouble.

Well, fives minutes later, you’ve probably learned nothing, but you can always go back and watch Kutt Calhoun in action because frankly, these videos are pretty sick.


  • What were some of your favorite moments in “Bottle Service” and “Strange $”?

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