Kutt Calhoun's 'Kelvin' Now Available On iTunes!

Oct 1 2012

Victor Sandoval

Kutt Calhoun - Kelvin EP

Sharper than ever and in a lane all his own, Kutt Calhoun snaps back at the rap game with his long-awaited EP, Kelvin.

The brand new release sees Kutt Calhoun return to form with the assist from Seven at the producer’s helm for what can only be described as a moment of “Triumph”.

Featuring the singles “Bottle Service” and “Strange $”, Kelvin delivers on the hardcore edge that fans have been clamoring for and even promises a few unexpected twists from the Kansas City Chief.

Like a ruthless Midwestern winter, Kutt Calhoun chills the competition and takes it back to the streets with Kelvin.