Krizz Kaliko Looks To Complete The World Domination With ‘NEH’MIND’ [Video]

Nov 26 2012

Krizz Kaliko Talks "NEH'MIND"

With NEH’MIND just around the corner, Krizz Kaliko aims to dominate the planet with the Snake and Bat behind him.

In a brand new interview with Sermon’s Domain, Krizz Kaliko sits down to discuss the upcoming EP as well as what fans can expect in terms of the tracklisting and production credits, which include Seven, JMAC Tracks, and Young Fyre.

Krizz Kaliko also addresses his detractors online and goes on to sum up his mission with NEH’MIND – “to complete the world domination.”

Time to wake the world up Krizz.



  • Do you think NEH’MIND will push Krizz Kaliko’s music even further than before?
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