Snow Tha Product Does ‘Damage’ On Krizz Kaliko’s ‘NEH’MIND’ EP

Nov 21 2012

Snow Tha Product Does 'Damage' On Krizz Kaliko's 'NEH'MIND' EP

If you ain’t WOKE yet, you’re about to be.

Following their meeting at A3C, speculation began to build behind a possible Krizz Kaliko and Snow Tha Product collab. Listeners finally get their answer on NEH’MIND as Snow Tha Product makes her first appearance with the Snake and Bat on the hardcore cut, “Damage”.

The brand new track pairs up the two emcees over an out-of-control production courtesy of frequent collaborator Young Fyre, who previously produced “Dumb For You” and “Stay Alive” on Kickin’ & Screamin‘.

Firing off syllables at a feverish pace and switching up the flow like a maniac, Snow Tha Product unleashes one of her most impressive outings yet, and is sure to catch the ears of Strange Music fans everywhere.

There’s no going back now, the “Damage” is done.

Be sure to pre-order Krizz Kaliko’s NEH’MIND EP, including the banger “Damage” featuring Snow Tha Product!


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