Respect Magazine Recaps Slumerican Tour Stop In Brooklyn

Nov 14 2012

I suppose when your magazine is called Respect, it shouldn’t be surprising to see props given where they’re due.

This was definitely the case in Respect’s article covering the recent Slumerican tour stop in Brooklyn which featured the likes of Yelawolf and Strange Music’s own Rittz. The piece begins by describing the ease with which Yelawolf has circumnavigated the plight of the white rapper by remaining genuine and giving an appropriate amount of praise to his influences & predecessors.

The next part of the article gave our homeboy Rittz some shine, and cites that his “skill was apparent as soon as the first lyrics escaped his lips”. This is obviously the part we’re really excited about, it’s good to see someone who has worked so hard to master their craft being recognized and even praised. Respect goes on to report that White Jesus “spewed a million words a minute, dexterously attacking every instrumental he touched” and despite comparing his appearance to comedian Chris Porter, re-assured readers that “Rittz’ skills on the mic were no laughing matter.”

All-in-all, this was another on-point piece from the good folks over at Respect, and it’s always nice to see such a hard working Strange Music artist getting some shine.

Read the full article HERE.

  • Have you seen Rittz live yet?

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