WATCH: Spaide Ripper ‘Retarded’ Official Music Video Featuring Stevie Stone [Video]

Nov 12 2012

While we agree that Spaide Ripper’s newest single, “Retarded”, may not be the most sensitive title for a track, we also know that this is hip hop, and that means two things. One, there’s no time for hurt feelings, because just like anything else this is art. Two, it’s REALLY hard to make a track called “Mentally Handicapped”.

All jokes aside though, this track is bangin’ in every way possible, and Spaide Ripper has no problem matching the level of intensity and energy that Stevie Stone sets in the first verse of this track. “Retarded” racks up another collab for these two Midwest monsters, following Stevie Stone’s “Goin’ Down” and “Jump”.

Are you going to hear poignant thoughts about sociopolitical issues on this cut? Probably not, but if you aren’t gettin’ buck in your computer chair by the end of this track, you may wanna check your pulse.

Spaide Ripper’s “Zombie II” available now!

Spaide Ripper "Retarded" Featuring Stevie Stone

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